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Amrita Goddess retreat
Gili Air - indonesia

january 20th - 26th 2020

Immerse yourself in Lakshmis sensual garden. A 6 day self-worth and self-love retreat for women. A subtle, sweet, intimate, and transformative inner journey connecting Mind, Heart, and Yoni. Amrita is the nectar that flows from the brain to the heart, or from the yoni into the world, when the Goddess is received in her fullness.

Inner organic flow

March 2019

Find the fullness of being, Purnam, by tapping into the felt sense of your organs. Every organ has it’s own flavour, texture, and frequency. When you enliven and embody the organs, that create the content of the container that is the body, you tap into the inner organic flow that support you as you move through the world.



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